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Pallets Inc. is an industry-leading wooden pallet manufacturer in the Northeastern United States that engineers, designs, and manufactures custom wood products built from a foundation of quality materials, problem-solving solutions, and customer service excellence. Since 1942 three generations of the Binley family have continued leading the company and instilling family values.

As an industry-leading wooden pallet manufacturer that designs, engineers, and constructs both standard and custom wood pallets and crates for customers across the Northeast, they integrate innovative problem-solving design solutions, underscored by a company focus on exceptional customer service to industries such as paper, mining, agriculture, pharmaceutical/bioscience, specialty chemical, and technology.

Founded in 1942 by Arthur S. Binley Jr., he saw an opportunity to incorporate and tap his local resources and supply pallets to the military during World War II. Pallets were a relatively new shipping product of the time. In 1945, Art Jr., and Pallets Inc., helped found what is today the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA), where they are the second oldest member company out of NWPCA’s 600 members, and notably, all three generations of the Binleys who have led Pallets, Inc., also have served as NWPCA board chairman.


In 1972, Arthur S. Binley III took over the reins from his father and looked for opportunities to improve processes, innovate, and gain efficiencies which helped create a better product. Art III, along with the NWPCA and engineers at Virginia Tech, collaborated to develop a revolutionary computer software program that allowed pallet manufacturers to custom design products more efficiently while reinforcing and increasing the standard of quality. Pallets Inc. was the first in the nation to obtain a license, 001, for this new Pallet Design System (PDS) software.


In 2000, Art III’s son, Clinton “Clint” Binley, took the helm as the company’s third-generation owner and president. Like his father and grandfather before him, Clint was soon confronted with numerous challenges to keep the family business healthy and growing. Pallets Inc has continued to implement state-of-the-art automation techniques to speed and improve the production process for constructing quality-assured products while focusing on cost-value and providing the industry’s best customer service.

A pallet may seem like a simple product, comprised of just two raw materials. Yet despite their unassuming construction, the products produced by the pallets industry remain sustainable because of their indispensability for the shipment of goods both domestically and worldwide. They are indeed the essential foundation for a growing economy.

Today, Pallets Inc remains as an active board member with NWPCA and is seen as a respected leader within the industry, and continues to satisfy customers all over.

Clint Binley accepted an award on behalf of Pallets Incorporated for 75 years of continuous membership and support from the National Wooden Pallet Association. 
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